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Car park duty / Child supervision in the hall / Church cleaning / etc.

Sabbath 17th Sept. 10.30am Sabbath school and adult class.
11.30am Morning worship. Preacher: Rev. Prof. W. Peel.
Prayer meeting.
6.30pm Evening worship. Preacher: Rev. D. Whitla.

english class Mon. 18th Sept. 8.00pm English Language Class

Tue. 19th Sept. 8.00pm Home fellowship group.
8.00pm Badminton.

Wed. 20th Sept. 8.00pm Home fellowship groups.

Thur. 21st Sept. 10.00am Home fellowship group.

Fri. 22nd Sept. 6.30pm Campaigners.
6.45pm Inter CY.
8.00pm Senior CY.

Sabbath 24th Sept. 10.30am Sabbath school and adult class (Church history).
11.30am Morning worship Preacher: Rev. Prof. W. Peel.
Prayer meeting and CY Groups.
6.30pm Evening worship Preacher: Rev. D. Whitla.