Listen to Psalm singing

Psalm tunes:
Link to resource for learning Psalm tunes.

Trinity congregation singing Psalms on Soundcloud

Psalm singing event 'Jubilate, Everybody': April 2015:
    Psalm 16. Free Church of Scotland Psalter, tune Golden Hill. Listen here

    Psalm 23 in Irish. Tune 'Sé an Tiarna'. Listen here

    Psalm 100. Tune Jubilate.

    Psalm 113 in French. Tune Du lever du soleil. Listen here

    Psalm 146v.1a, 5-7a. New tune. Listen here

Psalm selections:
Psalm 30 vv 1-3, 11 & 12 The Book of Psalms for singing (RPCNA)

Psalm 81 vv 11-14 Psalms for singing (RPCI)

Psalm 119 Part 2 vv 9-14Psalms for singing (RPCI)

Tunes from The Book of Psalms for Singing (RPCNA)