Welcome to Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland,
Newtownabbey, County Antrim, N. Ireland.

Trinity building
We are a growing fellowship of people who believe the Bible to be true and have come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. We are part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which has been in Ireland for almost 400 years. We are building in Newtownabbey a church community which aims to bring glory to God by worshipping Him, caring for one another, using our gifts to serve King Jesus in every area of life and helping others to come to know Him. We have planted a daughter congregation in Carrickfergus and are eager, by God's blessing to plant others.

Our Pastor
Pastor Warren Peel

We offer courses on what it means to be a Christian.
For more information please email: info@trinityrpc.com

Reformed blog:

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Contributions from RPCNA pastors, our own pastor Warren Peel, and Andrew Quigley in Scotland.

Psalm singing on Soundcloud:
Listen to Trinity congregation singing Psalms on Soundcloud.

Psalm tunes:
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Latest sermons
shoot Prof. W. VanDoodewaard: Abraham's Interaction With Abimelech
Genesis 21:1-34.
24th July 2016
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blue.jpg Prof. VanDoodewaard - Unclean, Yet I Will Bless You. Haggai 2: 10.
24th July 2016
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blue.jpg Prof. VanDoodewaard - God's Grace In Our Sinfullness.
Genesis 20:1 - 21:17
17th July 2016
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temple.jpg Prof. VanDoodewaard - The Builders Encouraged
Haggai 2:1-9.
17th June 2016
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shoot Prof. E. Donnelly: Christ's Cross and Christ's Crown
Part 2 Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12.
10th July 2016
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Latest guest service
blue.jpg Choose Life. Ezekiel 33:1-11.
May. 2016
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Trinity RPC speaks out on same-sex marriage issue:
View the 'Newtownabbey Times' article here.

question Sermon outline: 'Is Christianity homophobic?' Download
'Is Christianity homophobic?'(Read more) download
questionmark.jpg Is Christianity homophobic?
September 2014
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Other links on the same-sex marriage issue:
1.View: 'Who we are'
2.View: 'What the Bible really teaches about homosexuality'
3.View: 'Why can't the church just agree to disagree on homosexuality?'
4.View: 'Rosaria Butterfield interview'.
5.View: 'Homosexuality: a losing battle'

Ashers Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland statement regarding Ashers Bakery. November 2014 Download
As a congregation we want to express our complete support for the management of Asher's bakery in the stand they have taken...(Read more) download